Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Suppertime at the Orphanage

Normally Carolyn and I aren't out after dark but we wanted to drop in on the supper meal at the "center" for a few pictures to see just how they manage to feed that many orphans at once.
Also we wanted to get a few pictures for our grand kids to see how their efforts at fundraising at a lemonade stand this past summer and another one tithing from his allowance was a reason that all the children here could enjoy some beef pieces in their gravy with their evening meal - as Carolyn put it, a very rare and special gift for them for sure.

                     Supper is usually served between 7 and 8 pm. A long lineup of kids wait for their scoop.

     Carolyn in the cookhouse with the pots of ugali, kale and and the special treat of gravy with pieces of beef

Two ladies at Mama Mary's place where the maize is stored clean the chaff from the grain by pouring the grains back and forth from one bucket to another and let the wind carry the chaff away

As high school exams wrap up the applied mechanics course I teaching continues to grow. I may soon have to limit the numbers so the each students participating can each get some worthwhile "hands on" practical experience. This week the classes begin after school and continue about six. Beginning next week the students will be with me full days.

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