Friday, November 16, 2012

Omwabini Rescue in Kimilili, Kenya

Hi All,

A while back while reading an online newsletter presented by CRC  Servicelink I came across a clip titled Mechanic volunteer needed to service and repair vehicles and farm equipment near the town of Kimilili in Kenya, Africa for an organization called the Omwabini Rescue Steps.  Omwabini (Rescue Steps) operates an orphanage and school, and they also reach into their community to help those affected by HIV/AIDS, disease, malnutrition, and extremely disadvantaged in Kimilili, Kenya. Part of their challenge is to grow a supply of food that can be used to feed the children in the orphanage.

 Hmmm... What is a retired Transportation Tech, (Auto Mechanics) teacher to do.

Fast forward to now, mid November. Carolyn and I have bought tickets, had our vaccinations and are in the process of preparing to travel to Kimilili , Kenya to support the folks there. We will be flying out in December and returning in February 2013.
My particular area of focus will be to support them in whatever way I can in keeping the tractors, vehicles and equipment functional during their upcoming planting season. Among other things it appears that Carolyn will be very kept busy in the school and orphanage.

A major challenge for James Bunyasi and his mother Mary, the folks who operate Omwabini,  is to come up with the financial resources they need  to purchase very basic school supplies, food, parts to repair tractors, equipment and vehicles, etc....

 In your all of Christmas giving do consider the children at Omwabini and the most desperate in Kimilili.
Donations can be made to Hebron CRC - Omwabini Rescue,  431 Albert St Renfrew ON K7V1V8.

You can find out more about this organization and see some of the challenges they face on Youtube by typing in Omwabini  using the Youtube  search

We'll keep you posted!

Albert and Carolyn