Sunday, November 8, 2015

Saturday in Kimilili

No classes on Saturday so I took opportunity of the down time and walked through a different section of town the town track down some "accessories" that could be used in the student projects.

Kimilili, like most Kenyan towns are full of many small shops that are about 10' x 10'. Many of  the shops/stands carry local produce  or house very basic supply shops, repair shops or trade shop like this tailor shop. A few of the shops carry manufactured goods are imported from China and India.

 This is typical of a local automotive engine repair shop I came across Many of the repairs have a short life because  lack of tools and knowledge but they work with what they have and what they know.

.This one of the very few three story structures that is going up on the main street. No scaffolding or safety harness used here.

Meanwhile back at the orphanage...
Carolyn and the kids spent much of Saturday doing puzzles, crafts, etc in the small room that functions as the library. With very little else to do here the orphans take advantage of every opportunity to be in the library to do crafts and puzzles.

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