Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Applied Technogy classes in full swing.....

It is both a challenging and rewarding experience teaching these very eager young men the basics of applied technologies. Challenging because it is often difficult to find  points of reference because student exposure to technologies is very limited, but rewarding because they are a very eager and motivated bunch. It is always a challenge to get them to stop working when it is time wrap up for lunch and at days end.
Currently I have the same 28 students with me for the full day. They will be rotating through six different work stations getting exposure to and hands on experience in different  areas of applied technologies including small engine repair, design challenges applying hydraulics and levers to creating and working with different types of electric circuits.

The activities draw a crowd of curious onlookers to the doorways and windows.

  This is a common site in our village. A farmer will bring his cow or calf to "greener pastures" along the roadway, tie it up and then pick it up again later in the day and walk it home.

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