Thursday, November 12, 2015

A heart warming Story....

Today Carolyn and I met a very pleasant young man named Kevin and his wife Gladys who currently live in Nairobi. Kevin was one of Mama Mary's earlier orphan children and is one of Omwabini's success stories. Kevin left Omwabini in 2009 after completing High School. He now lives in Niarobi where he owns and runs a successful office supply business.

Today he, accompanied by his young wife, made a return visit to Omwabini bearing gifts of clothing for the young orphan children who now call this place home. His generosity and expression of appreciation to the folks here for being there for him during a very vulnerable time in his life brought an inexpressible joy to Mama Mary and it warmed our hearts to see the difference genuine love and a hand up can make in someone's life. Of course every orphan exit story here don't all have a happy outcomes but as we witnessed today those who embrace the love and faith in God that Mama shares with them are as well equipped as any to face the world.

                               A surprise visit and gifts from a former Omwabini orphan Kevin

                                                                Mama Mary with her special guest

By Carolyn:This morning was so special! I had baked a chocolate cake (Nairobi Chocolate Cake from and brought it into to the primary school office to be handed out to the staff, cooks and dorm moms. I left it to the kitchen and office staff to deliver the pieces of cake, but they said they must first sing a song for the cake and say a prayer as this was a time of celebration for them, the end of a school year and the last day they would all be together before the break. After hands up and high tens’s and much laughter the cake pieces were handed out. Something as simple as baking a cake we take so for granted back home but here it was such a special thing - perhaps because they don’t own ovens and still cook on charcoal stoves.

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