Monday, November 2, 2015

Success with Tractor Repairs and the first evening of Classes

 My challenge was to repair a major injector pump fuel leak on the tractor. After assessing the problem I advised Victor, James' brother, that we would need to get seals and bushings for the injector pump. He believed that he knew of a small shop in a town about an hour away that might be able to help and asked, should we take the Matatu, a local shuttle van or Omwabini's van.
After my last Matatu experience, my quick response was lets take the van. I'll pay for the fuel.

Word got out that we were headed to Kitale and  it wasn't long before we had a van full of people who wanted to take advantage of the excursion and we were off.

We did locate the repair shop/shed, and thankfully they had buckets full of salvaged injector pump parts and were able to scab a bushing and seals from an old injector pump to solve our problem.

                                                Workbench at the injector pump repair shop

Fortunately the makeshift repair job did the trick so now they can use the tractor to shell maize without leaving a puddle of diesel fuel on the ground.

           Every once in a while we will drive by someone working on a vehicle or doing some welding and my reflex thought is "that's not safe".

This young roadside vendor sold each of us in the van a boiled egg to hold us over until we got back for lunch.

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