Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday worship With the Orphans and Tractor Repairs

This Sunday morning gathering was a very special time for many of the orphan/students here at Omwabini. This morning would be the last worship service many would share together until classes start again for the next school year in January. Omwabini makes every attempt to arrange for the orphans to stay with relatives such as aunts and uncles, cousins and or even older siblings that that may still live in the family home of their deceased parents.   This is a practice they have done for some time in an attempt to encourage the orphans to maintain some family connections. There are a number who will stay at the orphanage because they have no one.

Much of the special time of worship was led by the Gr 12 students who may be here for the last Sunday ever since they have completed their High School education and are now young adults. In spite of their personal life hardships their genuine testimonies of faith and thankfulness to God and the expressions of gratitude for the compassion of Mama Mary, her family  and the Omwabini staff was very touching.

                                                      Sr Class leading the music during Sunday' worship

Government exams wrap up this week and a number of the senior and graduating boys have arranged to stay with Omwabini for a little longer to take part in the applied mechanics course that I am teaching beginning tomorrow after school.

Keeping vehicles, tractors and equipment functioning here at Omwabini is a real challenge. The limited budget and the local lack of technical know how often results in attempted repairs that are short lived or cause bigger problems. Tomorrow Victor and I are off to a bigger city in a little over an hour away with the hopes of locating parts for the leaking fuel injector pump for the tractor.

Tractor in bad need of repairs ranging from injector pump fuel leak, tie rod ends, wheel studs etc...

I remember making this type of repair on the farm years ago when the sidewall split. I think it was called a "boot"

This is a the common meal in Kenya. Maize (ground corn meal) kale alone or with tomatoes.

In all your giving in this upcoming Christmas season do consider supporting the good folks here at Omwabuni. Their challenges are many. Funding their teachers very meager salaries, medical supplies for orphans, school material, material for school uniforms, tractor, vehicle and equipment repairs... The list goes on... We do see a lot of "robbing Peter to pay Paul" as they look to do what it takes to deal with the most urgent problem. Donations can be made through the web site or if a Canadian Charaties donation receipt is desired donations to Omwabini can be made through Hebron CRC 431 Albert St Renfrew, ON K7V 1V8.

Thanks for considering.

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