Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our last schuled Sunday here at Omwabini

Today is our last scheduled Sunday here at Omwabini. Carolyn and I were hoping to spend Sunday morning with the orphans again and then go for a nice hike out Mt Elgon way with Alun and Magdelina but Mama Mary had other plans for us.

This morning we joined her and went to the Anglican church in a neighbouring village that initially supported Mary's work at Omwabini. That church was once partnered with CRWRC and it was through that affiliation Mary received the support and training she needed to do much of the work she now does in the community.
  Much to my surprise I discovered that I was introduced as the guest preacher and was expected to preach the sermon this morning. Fortunately the many praise songs during the start of the service gave me a chance to gather my thoughts and the relevant scripture passages on which to anchor a message that is relevant to the challenges the people here are facing.  Delivering a message with a translator repeating each phrase or sentence does give one additional time to organize thoughts while he is translating.

  Sunday morning's worshippers at the Anglican church

Sharing lunch on Friday with the locals.  Most dinner tables are about coffee table height because many homes cook over an open fire inside the house. The low profile allows one to stay below the cloud of smoke. Utensils are only a tool used by mzungus.

Tomorrow we hope to either begin construction of the second house or the construction of a protected spring. Alun, from Wales has gathered funding for house and spring construction and is eager to get as much done as possible in the eight weeks he is here.

A typical unprotected spring water shared with animals and run off in the source of many illnesses

A protected spring water source filters the water through a lengthy bed of rocks and then  deposits the water into a small concrete tank. A pipe half way up the tank becomes a constant source of clean running spring water.

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  1. Ha Ha, too funny, welcome to the club, "Pastor Luimes". Someone should have warned you that would happen, but then it wouldn't have been so fun. I too had the same experience and it is amazing how much more you appreciate the singing so that you can quickly "write your sermonette". My God continue to bless you both in your remaining days at Omwabini.