Monday, January 21, 2013

House #2 and a New Business Venture for Joyleen

With house #1 brought to the point where Gladys' family and neighbours can continue with the mudding we moved on to Carol's place to begin constructing  house #2. Alun, from Wales checked on Gladys’ house construction progress this morning and he informed us that the initial stage mudding had been completed and the 2nd coat, a thinner layer of mudding was half done. When the home owners complete this stage of construction Alun will release funds for the purchase of a door and 2 windows.
 Carolyn and Mary took 8 kg of tiny dried fish, called amano, to the widow, Joyleen to help her begin a "fish selling business" to provide for her family. Last year Alun, through Omwabini provided her with a house but she is still in dire financial straits. When they got to her house at around 11:30 a.m. they discovered she and her family hadn’t had anything to eat and didn’t know if they’d have anything by the end of the day. Carolyn provided her with her business capital, the fish and enough funds to buy maize, salt and soap for her family needs so she wouldn’t have to eat her capital. It’s a small beginning, but it put hope in her heart as witnessed by the huge smile they saw on her face as they left.
Got back to Omwabini after house building in time to repair a disabled tractor with a clutch linkage problem. Enough for one day.

That dreaded rooster who starts crowing at  4:30 am and stays crowing long after the sun is up.
House #2 with a smaller crew
Now a seasoned mud house builder

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