Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mudding at House #2 and a trip to the Springs

Today we went back to Carol's house to complete the roof trusses, runners and install a steel roof. We also got a good start on the wall "mudding". The mudding process is something that is just so foreign to us that we have a hard time imagining that this is actually part of the building process for a house people live in.

This was a picture we took of Carol and her family when we first visited; looking  dejected, feeling overwhelmed and without much hope.

I was working beside her yesterday on the"mud line" and she couldn't hide her excitement. This is the progress we made yesterday. Her old house is on the left.

These two guys hacked and hoed all day making mud in the heat of the sun. The ladies made a number of trips to the nearest water supply to haul water in buckets , carrying  the large buckets on their heads.  The water was needed to make mud .  Don't know how they can do that.

Later, we dropped by the water spring project and were encouraged to see good progress being made. Alun tells us that he is never sure if the locals will actually make it to the construction  sites and participate as they promise but the level of participation at the projects to date have been excellent.

We will return to Carol's house tomorrow to continue mudding since her local support group is considerably smaller than that of Gladys' and we don't want her to be overwhelmed by the task and give up.


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  1. Hello Albert & Carolyn! So your time at Omwabini is quickly coming to a close. That has gone fast eh? SInce tomorrow is my last day in the office before I head to Haiti for 10 days, I thought I would just let you know how much I enjoyed your blog entries and reading about your many adventures - from fixing the Toyota to helping build some homes - loved it all! And how about that Albert - you preaching last Sunday - all in African style....at the last minute. :-) Anyway, it seems that it's been a wonderful journey for the two of you and I pray that you will experience God's grace and blessing as you say farewell to all those you've met and befriended at Omwabini. Enjoy your last week in Nairobi and I look forward to talking with you when we're both back in Canada again. Take care and thanks SO MUCH for your dedication of service at Omwabini!!