Wednesday, January 23, 2013

House # 3 and on a Roll

We started the our third house construction today for a widow named Evelyn, (they all have English or American names plus an African name that we don't ever hear them use). She is a widow  with 5 children. Now that we have a few houses completed we are almost experienced "mud house builders" and the process goes faster.

Carolyn and some others went back to the second house to check on the progress of the mudding. Sadly only a few women came back to help on day three so the Omwabini crew stayed to continue the mudding process. I`m not sure why but I know many locals will work for a good meal and since they saw Omwabini community support ladies were not there to prepare a meal many of the fair weather volunteers may have disappeared because they knew Carol couldn`t provide a meal.

Thanks to a very generous donation from our friends at Hebron CRC, Carolyn and Mama Mary will travel to Kisumu to purchase bolts of material for school uniforms and other sewing materials. We`ll give you more details

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