Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Clutch for the Toyota Van

Took a short hike just before supper  to view the sunset that we heard people say was a " must see". It was so bright that it would actually reflect  off of us.
Saturday is normally an off day here at Omwabini so I took advantage of the vehicle down time to buy and install a new clutch assembly on the Toyota four wheel drive van with the help of a few older orphans boys. Its ready to go to back to its task of hauling people to places no vehicle should go.  No pics on this one, not much to see except legs sticking out from under the vehicle.

Here are a few more pics of the more eventful house building project we were on Thursday and Friday.

After the "mud stomp" comes rolling up the mud cakes that are dropped into the wall between the inside and outside "horizontal runners".

Carolyn's over sized feet after the mud stomp
Most workers kick off their sandals and work bare feet on the job site


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