Friday, January 18, 2013

Mud House Building

Carolyn and I got our first "hands on" experience in mud hut construction. We had a small army of workers joining us that included neighbours and relatives of the widow, co-op students and some of Omwabini staff. 

Yesterday we left right on schedule, at 9 am Mzungu timeJ but then had to make a "10 minute" stop to pick up a few supplies and in the process we promptly switched to African time finally making it to the job site just outside of town by about 10: 45. 

                                                      Laying out the "foundation"

               This new  post hole digger provided by the Eerkes that we brought with us  was a real hit. .  Everyone wanted a turn.

We brought handsaws to the job site but  machetes are always the tool of choice by the locals.

                  Saul makes use of the ladder/scaffolding that one of the locals and I built.

                 Two college co-op students taking a social work program joined us in this venture

Day 2 included installing the steel roof,  finish installing the runners and beginning the wall "mudding" task
Carolyn and the locals doing some "mud stomping" to prepare the the mud for the walls

                        Mudding is well underway. Locals will complete the mudding before we come back to install window opening and doors.

                                            Locals showing their tools of the trade

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  1. Oh so much fun! Carolyn, why go to the spa when you can soak your feet in the gooey mud. Fond memories for us. And what sound does the mud make when you "drop the loaves" of mud? "Little mud fights" are also fun. Glad to see you used the post hole auger, hope it worked well and thanks again for taking it with you. Your Blog is excellent and we love it.
    The Eerkes family