Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Let the Building Begin

Today among other things Carolyn and I accompanied Alun and and others to the location of the first home building challenge.   We expect to begin building tomorrow.  The process starts by laying out and the digging post holes and if all goes as planned the basic structure will be up in days.

After the basic structure is up, rafters, tin roof on and the first stage of the mud walls are completed, the home owner with the help of family, friends and neighbours will be expected to complete the mudding of both the inside and outside walls as well as level and mud the the floor.  If this is complete then and only then, will Omwabini will come back with the door and windows that will be installed.

In the background is the burnt out home of this lady who lives here with five children and three grand children.

After we get the house construction to the point where the locals can carry on we hope to move on to start construction to protect a water spring. This community has already gathered much of the stone and dug out a cavity for the concrete tank that makes up part of the structure.


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  1. ALbert & Carolyn - thanks for being so faithful in your updates. I love reading your daily adventures and seeing the pictures to accompany your stories. Keep up the great work you're doing! Blessings to you both.