Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First day of school and a trip to Eldoret

Monday was the first day of the primary classes. I was amazed at seeing a Standard 4 class (grade 4) sitting quietly in their seats while the teacher was gone and seemed to take forever getting supplies from the office.  Albert reminded me that it was the first day of school and that things may change.

 This morning Millicent, Mary’s daughter, and I travelled to a neighbouring hospital with  five students, our driver and a guard who are all HIV positive to get assessed and to get their supplies of ARV meds. It was interesting to chat with the social workers who aid patients with lifestyle changes required to stay healthy.
On the way back we came upon a very tragic accident where a high school teacher was killed riding his bike home for lunch. He taught at the high school where some of the boys from the orphanage attend.

by Carolyn

Yesterday we picked up more lubricants for the equipment and vehicles as we travelled through Kitale on route to the Eldoret Airport to pick up Alun a volunteer from Wales.  Alun has been coming to Omwabini for the last 5 years to oversee and fund the building of new houses for the desperately poor and to create more protected water sources from existing springs. We hope to start building houses later this week.
             Eldoret main street is fairly well developed. Parking and pavement to the sidewalks
The drive back from the airport by a different route was very rough and the travel by vehicle after dark is insane.  People are walking and riding their bikes along the pothole riddled road without lights. Add to the traffic mix a few ox powered carts, overloaded motorbikes and oncoming trucks that only use their high beams. Also,our driver doesn't mind passing cars or trucks while motor bikes are coming toward us. He seems to think that the motorbikes will give way to the shoulder; so far he has been right.
      I think this propane tank was built before they started using tap shields on them.  Perhaps he didn't take the Safe Propane handling course yet.

This chicken was tonight's supper. Mama Mary bartered with this roadside vendor on our way home from Eldoret and came away with two chickens for about $5.00

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