Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Worship and a Leisurely Afternoon

This morning Carolyn and I joined the orphans and support staff for a very enjoyable time of worship at the Center.  With most of the orphans back from their break, their singing resonated through out the auditorium. The high energy singing and dance led by the children is always a highlight.  At the Center the message or sermon  is often delivered by an aspiring pastor that could benefit from both time at a seminary and a watch to know when his time is up.  Carolyn and I are usually expected to say something as well.
With so many children here and with each having a different or little upbringing, Mama Mary used this time to challenged each to take hold of the Christian faith and make it their own and then  laid out the behavior expectations Omwabini had for each orphan.
Bringing in wood for the cook stove...

Outside a classroom...


Supper time...

Always something to play with

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