Thursday, December 27, 2012

Vigilante Justice here in Kimilili

The plough parts were not ready as promised but that didn't surprise me we'll try again tomorrow.
With time on my hands I repaired the eaves troughs that were nearly falling off one of the buildings at the "center". To make this repair I needed to make up some hangers on which to suspend the eaves trough so  I took a walked to the "Industrial Strip" to find a local metal/welding shop and purchased some flat stock. They cut the stock into 12" lengths and drill two holes in one end for screw to pass through. The business didn't own a drill but the folks here are very innovative.  They simply used a punch to a make the hole hacksawed flat the stretched portion around the hole  then ground off the burrs. Worked fine.  Eaves troughs can collect water again.

   In Kenya an arc Welding face shield is optional and arc welding may be a spectator sport

Furniture maker does a great job with very basic hand tools....

and doubles as the casket maker...
 Carolyn and the cooking crew peeling plantain

Thursday is market day in Kimilili so Carolyn and Mama Mary went to the market to buy some local produce and purchase clothes for a very needy widow and her family.
We've been in Kenya now for a few weeks and we thought we saw most everything but here is another...
While at the market Carolyn and Mary happened on a major commotion as a crowd gathered. They couldn't see exactly what was going on but Victor told them that a mob was stoning a man to death for stealing a motorcycle. Vigilante justice at its worst!

 It seems unbelievable to us that something like this could happen. Mama Mary told us that stoning is more common for such crimes and that she has personally intervened to stop a stoning as it was about to start telling them to let the police deal with it and that God will judge him.  Unfortunately many have little faith in the police believing that they often accept a bribe and let a guilty person go free without charges.

                                                  Kimilili's Thursday Market


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