Friday, December 28, 2012

The Beauty of Kimilili Area

Today's trip to Kitale was a success. I was able to pick up the plough parts from the machinist and purchase the much needed plough disc and bearings, bolts etc...  Tomorrow, begin reassembly.
Every time we travel I'm struck by the natural beauty and landscape around Kimilili. It's beautiful. Everything is lush and green partly because December been a wet month  by their standards. This has resulted in a good growing season for sugarcane, maize and sunflowers.
Local forest...
Pictures on my laptop always draws a crowd

Tim, Tom and Andre I confess I re gifted some of the golf shirts you gave me... They are being put to a good use.
Carolyn, Kids and card making...

Electricity is intermitten following a rain and now is one of those times so I better keep this short and sweet to preserve the laptop battery power.


  1. Hey Albert & Carolyn! Thanks again for posting your daily stories! It's great to read about your adventures and that things are going well for you both. Love the photos as well!
    Have a wonderful weekend and extend my greetings to Mary & James.

  2. Hello Luimes' - looks like you're having quite a lot of interesting experiences there! Good to see you have a sense of humor and flexibility about things - makes life in Africa more fun! As always we enjoy your blog...and are envious of the lovely weather. Here we are at last out of a cold snap (below -20 almost every day) that has kept everyone in doors for over a week. Happy New Year!