Saturday, December 29, 2012

Activities at Omwabini

Today was a lesson on repacking disc bearings with grease for both the tractor drivers and a few of the older orphan boys. Yesterday I purchased 14 new disc bearings and they all needed to be packed with fresh clean grease so it was time for a hands on training.  It was a bit of a challenge to install the bearings onto the hub without the tools we are use to. They did have a hammer that looked like it should be used for splitting rocks and the ratchet extension from my CTC tool kit that I brought along doubled as a punch.  Not sure if it will still function as an extension...
 by Albert

                                            Repacking bearings 101

I (Carolyn) visited Juliana, housemom to about 65 orphan girls in one hall. It was such a pleasure to listen to her hopes for the children, and how when a girl will cough in the night, she knows exactly who it is. She is blessed with a very big, caring heart, one who so appreciates where Omwabini has rescued herself from. She sees so much where God has answered sometimes night-long praying by the organizers.
by Carolyn
                                         Washing breatfast dishes
How many blankets can an eight year old carry before the rain starts

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  1. Having fun with the grease :) It is good to see what looks to be Gabriel on the right helping you because my employer (CLAC) helped to sponsor him in starting an apprenticeship program to become a mechanic.