Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday at Omwabini

Off to Sunday worship at the centre. Pastor Evan led us in worship and then asked  Albert and I and others to say some words. The orphans were also given opportunity and encouraged to share how they were blessed, how they were thankful to God for what He’s done in their lives in the past year. James and Mike, sons of Mary, also spoke of God’s providence and gave words of encouragement.

Omwabini has had a very difficult year financially after a foundation of long term major philanthropist ended their support. Perhaps this was a bit of a wake up call for Mary and James to focus on expanding their donor base to more donors of smaller amounts rather than relying so heavily on one source.

It was so wonderful to hear of God’s providence experienced by both the adults and children and listen to them express their praise.

 The pastor also related that he had been a friend and neighbour to Omwabini, then God called him into the ministry a few years ago. He currently serves the nearby region of Mount Elgon, an area that had experienced tribal clashes and much death after the last election in 2007.  His strong message is that God is a God of all people everywhere – even of all races and tribes.  As much as we see the light of God’s love in this community the extreme evil forces of tribal bigotry, adultery,  (the root cause of the spread of aids) and witchcraft is also evident.  Pray that his message takes root as Kenya heads for another election in March 2013. 
Next door to us is the Kimilili police force office and their housing. No reason to covet your neighbor's house.
This is a small mill down the street that grinds maize into flour

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