Monday, December 31, 2012

Wrapping up 2012 here at Omwabini and welcoming 2013


Another trip to the machinist in Kitale to build up and machine a spindle to accept a bearing. Its always entertaining to watch the "tradesmen" tackle their challenges using the limited and dated tools and equipment they have. Some remind me of equipment we owned on the farm in the 50s.
Oxygen-acetylene pressure gauges are optional

Machinist lathe is dated but very rugged and functional

Coal fire supported by a hand operated fan to heat metal to shaping temperature
Another common cash crop of Kenya is beans
Self appointed highway crew fill in a few potholes and then try to flag down vehicles looking for donations
Three chickens were purchased at the market for our New Year’s dinner tomorrow. Fresh meat at its best. They will be butchered tomorrow here on the premises and then cooked and served  – reminds me of days back on the farm. My chicken butchering days are behind me so I'll leave that job up to a seasoned professional,  our cook Redempta.

Later this evening we'll join the Orphans and staff for year end worship at the center to wrap up 2012 and and see the new year in.
Wishing everyone a happy New Year!

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