Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing day - Off to Kitale

Again this morning, like most mornings, we woke up at about 5:00 am to the persistent crowing of our resident rooster.  I was hoping that he was going to be served for dinner on Christmas day but this morning's crowing told me that he survived.

Today we headed off to Kitale, a town about 25 kms from Kimilili, to bring some of the plough parts to a machine shop for repair. Kitale is a larger town with more shops and industry than Kimilili.  I should be getting use to the rides but each trip is still a"white knuckle" trip for me. I have a hard time relaxing enough to enjoy the scenery while our driver dodges all of the livestock, people, carts,  overloaded trucks, bicycles and motorcycles all while using both lanes of the roadway as he tries to avoid the potholes and craters in the roadway.

If all goes as planned we'll do the trip again tomorrow to pick up the repaired pieces and purchase some additional parts so we can begin the rebuild.

                           Some buildings in cities like Bungma and Kitale are fairly well constructed however there are no traffic lights, stop signs and crosswalks.

The road between Kitale and Kimilili is riddled with washboards and craters, some you simply can't drive through; they are too deep. The  suspensions sure take a beating and the washboard sections of the ride rattles the fillings out of your teeth.

                                                A common sight...

Shuttles like this one is common, a 12 passenger Toyota van carrying about 15 people; most are inside the van
This colourful bus is only used for the longer hauls between the bigger cities and Nairobi 

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  1. We remember and saw that same bus, with the phrase on the front: "a prayer a day keeps the devil away". You will probably see more phrases like that on taxis/matatu's and bikes etc. Love the motor cycle that has now become a "wide load".