Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day with the Omwabini Community

Today we celebrated a very different and yet a very memorable Christmas. Yesterday Carolyn and Mama Mary made up six Christmas baskets for six most needy families in the community who Omwabini is working with. They delivered three late yesterday and this morning Carolyn, James the director, and I traveled into the countryside to deliver the last three.

                                                           A thankful crew...

Mama Mary enjoyed her Christmas dinner with family who came home to visit and Carolyn and I joined the orphans for their Christmas dinner. After dinner we showed the Nativity Story and Carolyn gave each orphan a candy cane to enjoy.

                 Christmas dinner chapatti (pancakes) plantain (cooked green banana) roast beef
 This little guy nicknamed "Gifty" would melt your heart.  He crunched down his candy cane and then went to his "friends" looking for more. Most shared a small piece with him
The teacher/tailor and his helper amazingly created 8 tunics and three dresses from three new bedsheets that were donated by a neighbour in Portage

Hauling water from a protected spring in the country.

A healthy crop of sugar cane

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  1. I was going to wish you a Blessed Christmas , but your Christmas is already over Hank