Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Omwabini's Reach into the Community

Today we road tested the Fuso and all is well, ready for local runs. It will need new rear tires before they can travel to larger markets. No coin. Clutch and park brakes working well.

This afternoon Carolyn  and I travelled with another Mary, Omwabini's community field worker while she made her rounds. Some homes we visited were once in extreme poverty and have been given  help by Omwabini. Others need our help.

We visited the place of a HIV widow with 6 children who was once in extreme poverty, living in a leaky delapitated house, no income, no hope. A little over a year ago Omwabini built a new house with her, gave her a goat for milk, and worked up her field with their farm tractors. Today she has 5 goats,( two sets of twins).  She plans to sell them and that will give her enough money to buy a cow and give back to Omwabini Rescue.  Her bumper tomato crop and maze (corn) crop will provide enough income to sustain her and her family well through the next growing season. 

We also visited a rural water project that resulted in clean, healthy drinking water. One encouraging aspect of their approach  is that they require the families and communities to both participate in any house building or water project and work toward sustainability.

This proud new home owner, a widow with six young children, is applying a finishing layer of mud to the exterior of her home.


A heart breaking visit was to the home with a leaking thatched roof of a widow with 5 kids who is next on the list for a house. It was hard to believe she and her kids could actually survive in that place.

Same home, the excitement of her children (and some neighbours) when they see their own pictures.

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