Monday, December 17, 2012

Mission Accomplished - New Clutch Installed

How many people does it take to change a clutch in a Fuso in a dirt parking lot?  In Kenya it takes one Mzungu (white man) and ten locals, five to help lift the  heavy transmission and five to cheer us on.
      A mid afternoon downpour made it a bit more of a challenge but it did go amazingly well. We should have replaced a few more parts while the transmission was out but parts were not available. At least the truck is mobile again.
I'm realizing us mzungas are a bit of a novelty here; little kids yell out "how are you", their one polished english phrase, as I walk down the street between Mary's house and the center, they sure are a friendly bunch.
 by Albert

While Albert was busy working physically, I was learning all about schooling in Kenya from the deputy headmaster and a brief overview of the operations here at Omwabini from Mary. I also learned that the Fuso (or lorry) hadn't been running since April, 2012, and it is a major source of income for the orphanage. They are able to rent it out as a means of transporting all kinds of goods and materials, much like a transport truck. I'm amazed at the optimism and resilience of these people. Mama Mary was widowed at 29 years of age, worked for CRWRC in the past before taking on this awesome project of housing and educating 300 orphans. A woman of great faith. Also helping her take care of the organization are her sons, James, who volunteers as the operations manager, and Mike, as the accountant. I say volunteers because no worker here draws a salary - they get 3 meals a day, housing and clothing, as do the orphans.
by Carolyn

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  1. Hey Albert & Carolyn! Wow, so glad to see that already one truck has become mobile again. I love the description of all those who participated with the repair, especially those who were cheering you on. :-)
    Lots of learning taking place as well eh? So awesome....
    Thanks for posting how things are going. I look forward to your updates!
    Blessings to you both!!