Sunday, December 16, 2012

Off to Kimilili and Omwabini Rescue Steps

Somehow yesterday's post got dropped. Here goes again. Left Nairobi for Kitale aboard a 9 passenger plane. The aerial view of the Rift Valley was spectacular. Our road trip from kitale to Kimilili was very interesting. We shared the roadway with tractors, people, overloaded trucks, vans, goats, cows and motorcycles carrying up to 4 passengers while dodging huge pot holes that one simply couldn't drive through.
We spent a very informative night with Mary the project founder at Omwabini Rescue Steps; she's a saint. They accomodate up to 300 orphans, without government assistance, relying on donations from churches and Christian charities. They grow about 1/2 of their food using donated farm equipment from Europe and North America and then rent the equipment out trying to raise additional funds.

Today we participated in a very long and lively worship service. The Kenyans are a very expressive,  and musical  bunch. Their singing is beautiful. 

 Tomorrow's challenge is will start to change a clutch in a 2003 Mitshibushi Fuso Lowrey withou a transmission jack,  pilot shaft and other needed tools. Improvise... We'll see how that will work.

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