Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Off to the the tire shop

Spent the major part of the morning with James the director of Omwabini brainstorming with him on how to raise funds to sustain the work of Omwabini. They do generate about 60% of the revenue needed to carry on their operations receiving some school fees from the extended families of a small number of the orphans and through hiring out their farm equipment and Fuso.  They are currently dealing with a real financial challenge because a major donor who had supported them in a large way for a number of years pulled out when the company restructured and its new board of directors decided not to continue support. The expenses of sustaining 300 orphans, schooling for them,  and local house and water projects continue and they are forced to cut expenses and even begin food rationing. 

As mentioned in a previous blog, in all of your giving this Christmas do consider Omwabini Rescue Steps.  You can receive a charitable receipt when you make a check out to Hebron Christian Reformed Church - Omwabini - 431 Albert St,  Renfrew ON K7V1V8

On the lighter side...  We were able to arrange for the purchase and installation of rear tires for the Fuso. They do things a little different in Kenya.
by Albert

                                                  Local Tire Shop

Lug Nuts are a bit tight

While Albert was having all his fun at the tire shop, I was making greeting cards with about 15 children aged 5 – 18 who were left at the orphanage over the Christmas break. I have a new and heightened respect for all teachers:) A neighbour had donated some sheet sets and Joshua the teacher/ tailor very smartly put together 4 little dresses, and 8 tunics for  orphans.


  1. Loving your blog! Blessings on your continued work.

  2. Yup! Keep sharing the story Albert & Carolyn!!