Thursday, August 6, 2015

Here we go Again...

Last fall I had an opportunity to travel with/escort James Bunyasi from Omwabini Rescue Steps, to the communities and homes of many of Omwabini's Canadian volunteers. The purpose of his visit was to update them about the work and  developments at Omwabini, to encourage others to serve as volunteers and to raise some much needed funds to assist them in caring for, nurturing and educating the orphans in their care and the desperately poor in their community.

As we wrapped up our visits and presentations and headed for home James and I had a chance meeting with Davis Omanyo the rep for the international charity called World Renew at a 401 "on route" restaurant. Over a cup of coffee we chatted about the work of Omwabini Rescue Steps and their challenges. He then asked me if I was going to go back there again. My quick response was that the vehicles and equipment used by Omwabini are stills functioning  and some the folks in Kimilili Kenya now know how to build mud houses and protect water springs and that Omwabini would likely be better served if I would just send the money I would need to spend on travel to get there and back.  Davis and James' quick response was "Not so"! With many of the older orphan boys completing their formal education they will leave the orphanage with no family to turn to and very few job skills. They suggested that I go back there again to teach and pass on to some of the boys the much needed knowledge and skills of applied mechanics. A major problem there is that vehicles and equipment that come from the West remain unusable and sit idle when it breaks down or the equipment is often wrecked when locals attempt repairs without proper skills and knowledge.

What is a retired Technology teacher to do.... version 2.
Here we go again! After much consideration and buoyed by the encouragement of many and some financial support from relatives, friends, and our church and local community Carolyn and I are off to do just that.  
Much preparation remains to be done but we are making good progress.  

The picture below are shots of the outdoor Cafe, Art exhibitors in the barn and Carolyn in action at the fundraising "Cafe" she set up in our yard during the art show in Portage. 

Our plans are to leave for Kenya in October 20th, returning back to Canada a few days before Christmas  We will be traveling with little more than the clothes on our back so our suitcases have room for tools, small engines and other teaching aids.  As you see from the pic below from our last time there they will have a good selection of clothes for us to buy when we get there. Some of it you may even recognise as clothes that you donated to a local charity.

 Thanks for your encouragement, support and prayers, We hope to keep everyone posted of the developments and activities through this blog and we will update the blog more often as the time for leaving gets closer.

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