Saturday, January 26, 2013

Uniforms and Farewell to our Friends at Omwabini

Friday Carolyn and Mama Mary visited the widow Joyleen who they set up in her fish selling business this past Tuesday. After three selling days she has sold half of the fish but earned enough money to cover all of the initial cost of the fish plus a healthy profit. She is well on her way to being self sufficient. She is very encouraged and thankful to God for her answered prayers. Gladey"s (house #1) house has received its second coat of mudding and is ready for the doors and windows

I made a few final mechanical repairs on the machinery and vehicles and passed on the CTC tool kit to Victor who will oversee much of the routine maintenances.

The tailor was so excited about receiving the bolts of fabric he pulled an all nighter and sewed about a dozen uniforms for the students. The students were so excited to receive the uniforms, likely the first new piece of clothing in years.


Today we said our final farewells to staff, orphans and Mama Mary and her family before flying to Nairobi.  It was difficult to say good bye. We had experienced so much together in the time we were with them.  Without a doubt a part of our hearts will remain there with the orphans and with all who participate in the work of Omwabini Rescue Steps.

Now that our time at Omwabini has come to an end this will be our last blog. Your support  and interest has been very encouraging. To date this blog has registered over 2,200 views. Thank you for your interest, for your prayers and for the financial support you have provided for Omwabini Rescue Steps and we thank God for the many answered prayers.

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  1. We're sad to see this blog end - we lose a wonderful connection to a wonderful place. We wish you blessings and safety on your travel plans this week.