Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Equator and Rainforest and Sunday Worship

OK, back up again with picture capabilities through another avenue. Yesterday (Saturday) Carolyn and I joined Ann, the wife of the director, and Lillian, a grand daughter of Mary's and Saul, our driver to see some of the sights in this area. We first  travelled to the equator and then to Kenya's rain forest, called Kakamega.  Every time we travel from Kimilili in through the countryside we are struck anew by the lush green vegetation. It is hard to understand why people go hungry in this area. As we travelled through the countryside we did see signs of healthy development in some communities.

  The equator is simply  a monument with "equator" marked on it. I'm not sure what I expected but then  I guess its only a line on the globe dividing the hemispheres.

The rain forest was very unique. It receives about 200 mm of rain each year. The vegetation is very,very dense and very green. The rain forest is home to so many different species of birds, butterflies, reptiles, insects and monkeys etc...  We spotted a few different species of monkeys jumping from tree to tree; we couldn't get close enough to chat, they are fairly shy and would climb behind branches to hide and peak at us as we got closer.


This morning we joined James and his children for worship at their family church.  The service format vibrant and LOUD. The sound system pretty much maxed out. The reason the high decibels, James explained, is to share the worship service with those who can't or won't make it to church. This way the shoppers and street vendors will hear the message even if they didn't want to.  The message was scriptural, refreshing and challenging.

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