Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Challenging Start of some of the Orphans

Isaac Wanjala is from a town who believes education is ok for the white people, but not necessary for those in his community. He is the first of his town to be educated and to become a Christian. He is an extremely apt student, and hopes to enter Form 2 (Grade 10). He hopes there will be a sponsor for him to continue because last year he was able to go to a high school in the area free of charge, but that offer isn’t being extended for the coming school year.


Carol is from the nearby Mount Elgin region. She was admitted to the orphanage last year in very bad state of health. During the 2007 skirmishes after the election, the army came in to settle by massacring many men and Carol was a young rape victim during that time and become HIV positive. Upon coming to the orphanage she was put onto meds and is a healthy student eager to resume studies.
by Carolyn

This is a common sight around town and a little unnerving.  Someone walking around with or using a machete. They are commonly sold at the local market.  I once saw a three year old using one to chop a piece off a sugar cane and keep all of his toes.


  1. Hi, this is Saphia. I just wanted to say that reading about those two young people really touched my heart. It's so unfortunate that these sort of things happen to such innocent people. But it's nice to know that things are a little better for them now. So sad!!!

  2. Hi Saphia, It's good to hear from our Portage connection!