Friday, January 11, 2013

Lots of Variety - Computers Repairs and Election Campaign

This morning I started to tackle a different non-working item here at Omwabini - computers. A common problem seems to be dead power supplies. The next challenge is to find parts.

After lunch James and Mary went to Bungoma to drop off an older relative at the matatu connection so Carolyn and I tagged along since I needed to purchase a steering linkage part for the Toyota van.
 The steering and suspension systems on the vans take a terrible beating here on many of the Kenya roads.

As we headed into Bungoma we got sidelined by a political campaign parade and had to stop and give way. This gave us a front row seat to the growing hype and fanfare that is building as Kenya heads toward their upcoming election. This parade was of particular interest to James and Mama  Mary since her brother Davis is running for office. ( He is currently on leave from his job with World Renew to take on this challenge).

Before we left for Kenya we had been advised to be very cautious in this type of crowd since, based on past elections, they can get combative and rowdy and even violent but this seemed to be a fairly festive event.

Kenya's election is still about two months away but the whole community was caught up in the campaigning.  Everyone was enjoying themselves. It kind of reminded me of our high school football pigskin parades.

      Guess this ride is pretty much filled up...

Exhaust emission standards in Kenya are a bit lax, but then it does help control mosquito population

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