Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Huge Thank You from Omwabini Rescue Steps

A huge thank you to everyone who included Omwabini in your prayers and/or financial support. Specifically, we thank you for the financial support Omwabini received this morning for donations made through Hebron CRC.  This money allowed them to pay for the four rear tires for the lorry, disc plates, bearings and other parts needed to make the disc ploughs functional and to make some purchases in  preparation for the upcoming school year that begins on Jan 7th.

 You wouldn't believe just how much of an impact your generosity makes to the Omwabini community. The tractors, disc ploughs, lorry are now all out on jobs bringing in some much needed income that supports a good part of the living expenses of the orphans and the cost of their schooling.

The new on site high school opening will be delayed until February when James and Mary hope  to have generated and received the needed funds to purchase wood and build classroom desks.

This evening I met with Mary's sons Victor and Mike to give them an idea of the basic mechanical knowledge I believe they and their drivers should posses in order to properly maintain and operate the equipment that they have and to how to make minor repairs.  Tomorrow evening we will will have our first session with the drivers and other interested orphan boys.

The process of removing the maize kernels from the stock.

Maize set out for sale by a roadside vendor. ( I see that there is a chicken in the top corner helping herself) 

A clean well organized small food market in the next town of Bongoma

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  1. Hi Albert & Carolyn! Thanks for your continued stories and photos. I love reading of all that's happening in your lives and the connections being made at Omwabini. Glad to hear that you've recruited some students to take over the mechanics when you leave! Hope that all works out....
    Wishing you still a very Happy and Blessed New Year - and please extend my greetings to Mary and James as well.