Thursday, December 3, 2015

Teachable moments and Practical "Hands on" Experience for Applied Technology Students

This week has been a great opportunity for some of the Applied Technology students to get relevant  practical, hands on experience as we make needed repairs to the vehicles and equipment.  Our first challenge this week was to replace a broken suspension spring on the school bus and with that task completed  we are on to their real work horse vehicle, an all wheel drive Toyota van. This was the same van we took down some "near roads" and donkey paths to reach some of the mud house building projects we were involved with while here three years ago.
The Toyota van  has been out of comission for a few months now and is in need of major repair. We now have the transmission removed from the van and disassembled. Victor and I plan to board the public shuttle van bright and early tomorrow morning for Kitale to purchase the needed replacement parts. If all goes as planned we will be back before the end of the day with the parts in hand.

The boys did most of the grunt work while I coached from the sidelines.

Gears with damaged teeth will need to replaced. I"m surprised that the "spare parts store" claims to have the parts we need to make the repair. 

                Another beautiful view of the Mount Elgon area from our hike this past Sunday,

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