Wednesday, December 16, 2015

New Tires for the tractor and the Basket weaving continues...

Tuesday we traveled back to Kitale town to purchase some much needed front and rear tractor tires, engine and gear lubricants, filters , etc...  Since the lorry (truck) that I changed the clutch in three years ago is now a school bus we simply strapped the tractor tires to the rack on the roof of the bus and transported them back to Kimilili.

Today we installed the four new tires at a location in town that was equipped to fill the tractor rear tires with water after we had them installed and mounted.  A big thank you for the latest generous donations that allowed us to make these purchases - a Godsend for the folks here at Omwabini and the people they care for.

 Omwabini's  tractor driver "Sam" and two of the students installing the new rear tire onto the rim

  Filling the tire with water. Not a problem here it doesn't freeze
  Many of the men hang out or work in around the village center. This is a cultural difference that is hard to get use to. It kind of reminds me of what some of us men might do on a Saturday with a few friends when we had a project to do. More socializing than work. Their wives may be at home tending to household duties or tending to a roadside sales stand.

                                                        A couple of 11am shots

              Omwabini's cargo trailer tires. I think I found the leak.

Yesterday Millie, Mama Mary's daughter boarded the matatu (shuttle van) to Kisumu to purchase some more webbing so the basket weaving team could continue their production.
Thirty five completed, fifteen to go....

                    Basket weaving and maize sorting....

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