Saturday, November 28, 2015

Final Day of Applied Tech Classes and another surprise Visitor

Thursday students wrote a test  based on the course content and Friday I awarded participation or achievement certificates based on their performance. It was encouraging to see the enthusiasm of the students throughout the course. For many I could tell that some of their physics lessons "came to life" as they gave application to previously taught concepts.

Friday night yet another former Omwabini orphan came to visit Mama Mary a few hours after his graduation from University in Eldoret. His strength of character, strong faith in God and  his gratitude for all Omwabini did for him and his success in his studies was an encouragement to all.

                                We got to have fun with James as we join him in a few celebration pictures. 

Tim Horton's may have met its match here in Kimilili. These tasty little morsels called mandazis,  are every bit as tasty as Tims but without the sugar coated glaze and only cost 5 cents each. 
They are made fresh daily and sold by a roadside vendor that I have to try to walk past on my way from Mary's house to the Center. Too often I stop by for a treat.

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