Thursday, November 19, 2015

Another week and a few more Challenges

This week is offering up a few additional challenges for everyone here at Omwabini. Heavy daily afternoon rains and no running water at the orphanage and Mama Mary's compound has caused us to alter our daily routine. We were starting to feel the inconvenience for sure. Even with the heavy rains the rain barrel is emptied for laundry, washing dishes and bathing etc...  They needed to make trips to the nearest protected spring to get a supply of for drinking water for everyone at Mama Mary's and at the orphanage. Fortunately after three days without the water is now running again.
 It helps everyone to remember what it was like when they had to walk to the springs for water and remember how much they’ve been blessed! Like most of our creature comforts in life we soon take them for granted.

 Applied Mechanics classes are postponed for a few days because the older student  hands were needed to help with the shelling and drying maize. The damp weather of the past month is threatening the recently harvested maize crop with mold so the decision was made to switch from hand shelling to machine shelling to speed up the process.  After purchasing fuel for the tractor, empty bags to hold the shelled maize and an additive to help prevent rot and mold the process could begin. When all was done over 50 bags of maize was shelled.  I will use the down time to make some mechanical repairs.
Back to class tomorrow.

                   Maize sheller at work. Notice the make shift rear tire repair to  the tire bead area. Fortunately they didn't throw out the old tires so there are pieces available.

                               Who needs an x-box when you have one of these

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