Saturday, October 24, 2015

Omwabini Rescue Steps - Latest Developments

It has been very encouraging to see the developments here at Omwabini Rescue Steps Orphanage and school since our time here three years ago. James, Mama Mary and all are making great strides toward preparing the orphans for life outside of the orphanage both with a quality education and a sound Christian upbringing. Three years ago there was only an elementary school and an incomplete High school structure with no high school classes.

The state of the highschool when we left in 2013

 Thanks to answered prayers and the very generous support of many of you they now have desks, government required uniforms, high school facilities and food in their bellies.

A quick tour of the high school late Saturday shows the new desks that have replaced the small plastic serving tables they were using earlier

 The last time we were here Omwabini cared for about 300 orphans. That number has grown some but  an encouraging aspect is that now about 15 percent of their of their student population are fee paying students  

They now have  214 high school students  and 216 the elementary grades students. The latest developments sppe well of the quality of education provided here and their push toward more sustainability.

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