Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New Adventures in travel...

Today I took a one way trip to a town called Bongoma with Mama Mary and some of her relatives while they were on route to a family funeral and then found my way back using local transportation methods. Fortunately James' sister Millie was with me to help me navigate my way around or I may still be there. This was another new Kenyan adventure for me.

I had my first ride in one of the little three wheeler buggies called a tuk tuk. It took us from the center town shops and stores to the edge of town.

The view from the passenger seat of a TuK Tuk

We then literally packed ourselves into the into a small Toyota van called a matatu for our ride back to Kimilili.

There were eighteen of us all packed into this van. I couldn't believe that many people could fit into a small van without some of us dying of suffocation. We did drop off a few passengers on our way back at crossroad hamlets like the one below

For our final leg of the trip we, along with our supplies, climbed onto a small 125 cc motor bike taxi called a piki piki. We were fairly successful in replacing some of the supplies that is in luggage still held somewhere by KLM .

I've met with the boys that will be joining me for the Applied technology classes after school this past Tuesday. They are an enthused bunch. I'm looking forward to our time together. The students are in their exams this week and part of the next. The class time for applied technologies will continue to increase after each exam is written. This gives me extra time to make some much needed repairs on Omwabini's vehicles and equipment and it does give me time to get set up for lessons in this environment.

Thankfully we now have decent internet function. This allows Carolyn and I to update everyone through blogs, and keep us connected to the outside world..

By Carolyn: I have spent my days becoming familiar with a small resource/library center that was set up by previous volunteers. (Hope I'm doing it justice, Diana and Lorraine:) The primary students are able to come in after classes in the afternoon to do enrichment activities, games, and puzzles. Not being a teacher, I have a new appreciation for those dealing with so many students at one time:)
Other than these start up and luggage snags things are working out very well.

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